From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

Aspen and Birch are shedding their golden leaves as winter snow hesitates to start.
I’m not ready for winter. There are still boxes to unload and toss the unneeded memos.
My Kawai piano is now tuned, as is my guitar by tuner Tom Wolf. Sitting down to try the ivory keys was complicated by missing some familiar sheet music,
But even more complications were made by my blind eye. Maybe my musical visitors, members of the Belarussian ballet has dissipated.
The music room was the scene of many an evening of talented delight. The creative band group were sensitive to the sounds being emitted,
But were wary of the two KGB officers in suits who wandered around the house keeping eagle eyes on members of the troupe.
The principal dance star did not defect in Ely, but he was successful in South America. Hope he’s still free.
I had tucked away the image of the two men until I was watching an old TV episode of “Murder She Wrote.” Then the similarity of my home and the watchful KGB men reappeared in my mind.