Fall Lake board hears concerns on proposed additional 49 campsites at Silver Rapids Lodge

by Nancy McReady
There was a little delay in the start of the regular Fall Lake Township meeting with Deputy Clerk Sheila Gruba filling in for Marlene Skube after her surgery. Skube recently broke her ankle so her return to township duties will take a while longer.
Fall Lake resident Ed Seliskar had received a notice of a public hearing from Lake County Planning & Zoning for the land use for Silver Rapids Lodge. The township hadn’t received a copy of this hearing notice.
Under consideration is a plan for 49 additional RV campsites and support buildings to the existing resort which is in negotiations with a new owner.
Seliskar’s concern was that with increased traffic, the speed limit should be reduced on Kawishiwi Trail in the resort area.
“In the event this does happen, the 49 additional campsites,” said Ed Seliskar, “which would be accessed off Ernie’s Road, safety reasons I would like to see Ernie’s Road realigned the way it was kind of proposed here the last three months. Have it go through the original gravel pits.”
“And is it possible, can the township petition the county?” asked Ed Seliskar. “We’re going to have a lot of traffic on this road. It’s 49 more units, it’s going to be huge, both on Ernie’s Road and the county road. My concern is getting the speed limit lowered between the town garage and Sunset Road to 30 mile per hour.”
Ed Seliskar said he’s tried to get a hidden driveway sign from the county and was told that security was on him.
The board agreed it will be a congested area.
The public hearing on the Silver Rapids expansion will be held on Monday, Nov. 15 at 6 p.m. in the Law Enforcement Center, 613 3rd Avenue, Two Harbors.
A Zoom meeting of this hearing will be held at Fall Lake Town Hall for those who are interested.
In supervisor reports, Supervisor Rod Gruba reported the Ely Area Ambulance Service has hired Dusty Moravitz as the new director.
Supervisor Eric Hart reported that Garden Lake Road had been graded as well as the Cloquet Line and some gravel was hauled on Shady Lane.
Supervisor Craig Seliskar said a light needs to be repaired on the north end of the town hall.
Seliskar asked if the group renting the town hall was going to be continuing. It was determined the town hall provides a convenient meeting place and the group will continue to use the town hall.
The township received $29,000 in American Rescue Plan funds. Some of the monies was used for the new video camera conference system. A truck with the First Responders has been ordered and the board will discuss what else to use the money on.
Sheila Gruba asked about having the camera being put up on a shelf so the camera showed the whole room. Seliskar volunteered to put up a shelf.
“This is why we got system,” said Sheila Gruba. “So we can have Zoom meetings of Planning & Zoning meeting and County Board meetings instead of going down to Two Harbors.”
Commissioner Pete Walsh said the priority of Lake County with the American Rescue Plan money was for housing needs. He said if there were any housing needs in Fall Lake to let him know.
As for the Lake County Rec Funds, Walsh said Lake County is one of three counties in the state that gives our recreation funds. Fall Lake’s funds will remain the same.
Jim Weinzierl volunteered to put up the Fall Lake Township sign on the Cloquet Line.
Hunter Bell, a Fall Lake resident on a national fire team, thanked the board for having the brush pile site open on Ernie’s Road. He asked if it could be open more often.
Supervisor Seliskar said the site was on Lake County land managed by Firewise. He said Firewise had asked at one time if the township could reimburse cost of managing the brush site as they do the burning. Bell said he had a meeting with a fire team and would see Lake County Emergency Management Director Matt Pollmann. He could ask what a recommended reimbursement to Firewise for the township would be to consider.
In correspondence:
• Received a request from the Ely Hoop Club for funding for uniforms and equipment. $1000 was approved.
• Notice was received for verification that Fall Lake Township maintains 19.34 miles of roads. This is to for their allotment of the Lake County user tax. The mileage was correct.
• Report received from Minnesota Demographic Office stating Fall Lake Township’s 2020 population at 630 with 308 households.
• Minnesota Association of Township Insurance and Bond Trust, and audit of the township’s workmen’s compensation. Treasurer Don Stocks will work on this.
• Received notice of election of RAMS members if the township wanted to nominate a representative to the board. No nomination was made.
• Information from Ida Rukavina about $3.4 million broadband grant to Mt. Iron that could include a 100-mile area. Gruba asked if it could include Fall Lake Township in Lake County. No reply received yet.
• A request was tabled about having township lights put on motion sensors.
• An invite was received to Northwood Partners Appreciation Reception.
• Community Facility Loan & Grant Program application received. Township will consider projects to address in the town hall such as remodeling the bathroom and kitchen.
• Jim Weinzierl submitted pictures of the Cloquet Line after recent rain. Increased mud due to the chloride. He asked if there was a better road surface that could be used because of the increased traffic every year. Seliskar said other options, but at what expense.
• Request for a new roadway for Sunset Road. Tabled as there is no funding available at this time.
• Next Morse/Fall Lake Fire Department meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 17.
• Next regular township meeting will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 7.