LETTER: …God bless the USA and our veterans

To the Editor:
Thank you so much for making a great “spread” on your Dec. 4th issue and tribute to our WW2 vets!
I’m not a vet myself, but hold dear my last name, and the pride that many have sacrificed over the years; including my own family past and present; I truly enjoyed the history lesson, and I’m glad you dedicated many pages towards it!
I especially appreciate you remembering that without history lessons, we are doomed to repeat it! Maybe with a little more history and a little less hate, we can all get along a little better?
Our Kicka** ancestors are rolling in their graves as we speak! They fought for our freedom of speech and life, I for one appreciate it!
Regardless of thoughts, please start being respectful towards each-other, even if you’re wrong. God bless the USA and our veterans, past and present.
Jason Hedloff
Ely, MN