LETTER: …would have to look in the fiction section

To the Editor:
Once upon a time, not so long ago, the Ely area was a solid vote for any candidate belonging to the Democratic Party.
That landscape has changed significantly causing an awakening in the area. There is now a DFL office in Ely for the first time as anyone can remember.
Could it be that the Ely area residents have realized that the DFL party no is no longer the muscle at the legislature for mining, logging, unions and farming? Those are key economic issues for this area.
Bill Teft held a seminar at the DFL office referred to as “Biodiversity” proclaiming that people should leave the land as they found it. That’s an interesting concept considering many environmentalists in the area moved here, purchased undeveloped inland and lakeshore properties and may never return those lands to the way they found it.
Maybe leading by example would be a better way to send the message. And then, the Save the Boundary Waters folks have departed the building next to the Steak House and will now reside in the former Crapola World Headquarters facility. A nice street level entrance and fancier digs.
This is a larger space for propagandizing their attack against Twin Metals Minnesota with mostly misinformation and in some cases, downright lies. It seems to me that if one had to go to Barnes & Nobles to buy their book you would have to look in the fiction section.
And then, Friends of the Boundary Waters has purchased the Mostly Moose building on Sheridan Street in Ely.
Why now? They probably sense more resistance to their agenda and rightfully so. Did their contributors ever think the Friends would use their donations to purchase properties? I think not.
Might it be that the anti-mining/environmentalist leaning outfitters in the area will have brochures to hand out to visitors guiding them to these locations for indoctrination into their way of thinking. It could be.
The time has come for a new organization to be established. How about we call it Save the Ely Area Economy.
Chuck Novak
Mayor of Ely, Retired
Ely, MN