Policy Regarding SNOW REMOVAL

City of Ely Public Works employees work on an on-call basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, including holidays and weekends. In general, after snow accumulation of three (3) inches, plowing begins.
Under City Ordinance, it is ILLEGAL:
--To deposit snow onto ANY street or alley
--To deposit snow on a sidewalk
--To deposit snow on a fire hydrant
--To ignore calendar parking ordinances
To aid in snow removal, law enforcement personnel will strictly enforce calendar parking and abandoned vehicle ordinances. They can impose fines for any or all of the illegal activities listed above and your vehicles may be towed.
If you hire a contractor to remove snow from your property, it is YOUR responsibility to inform them of Public Works Policy. YOU are responsible for their actions while they are working for you.
As a public service to residents and the business community, banks of snow left after plowing will be removed from the downtown area and public parking in a timely manner as budget and staffing allow.
In the interest of public safety and as a courtesy to pedestrians, we will make every effort to assist with snow removal from sidewalks as budget and staffing levels permit. We will be unable to clear sidewalks where parked cars, light poles, awnings or other obstructions limit access for our equipment. City Ordinance requires the property owner to clear snow and ice from public sidewalks at a minimum width of 3 feet 24 hours after the snow or ice has ceased to be deposited. Enforcement of this ordinance may include a fine and a fee for the City of Ely to remove the snow and ice.
Any items placed onto the City of Ely right-of-way must be removed immediately, so as not to impede our snow removal processes. The City of Ely is not responsible for any damage to any items illegally on the city right-of-way.
It is the City of Ely’s goal to remove snow in the safest most efficient manner possible, and your assistance is appreciated.
If you have any questions about snow removal, please contact the Public Works Department: Harold Langowski at 218-235-3083 or Mike Popesh at 218-235-3082

City of Ely
Harold R Langowski, Clerk/Treasurer

Ely Echo
December 18, 2021