City Hall, Council Chambers December 07, 2021

Call to Order:
Mayor Skraba called the hearing to order at 5:00pm.

PRESENT: Council members A.Forsman, Kess, Debeltz, Omerza, Callen, Campbell and Mayor Skraba

The Ely City Council will hold four public hearings on December 7, 2021in the Council Chambers of Ely City Hall.

Hearing #2 at 5:00pm:
Purpose: To discuss the property classified as hazardous at 726 E Camp St in the City of Ely. (Information including the inspection report can be found in the December 7, 2021 Council Agenda pages 38-51)

Building Official Whitney gave a background on the property. Whitney has done several inspections since 2016 and not much has been done to the property. The property has been neglected for several years. The apartment building has not had the required rental license since 2014. The property had suffered from years of absence of any maintenance. The foundation has deteriorated and has collapsed in several areas. Doors and windows are broken and in a state of disrepair. The property also has known electrical problems and is unsafe. Whitney indicated that he talked to the county and this property has now gone tax forfeit.

A.Forsman asked when was the last time we have heard from the previous owners, the Quicks.
Langowski stated that years back they wanted to donate it to the city but we turned it down, since we would be liable for the demolition. Since 2016 the water froze and broke and the city had to dig up the alley to turn the water off to the building. When that happened a couple years ago the crawl space/basement was really bad at that time. At that time the city boarded the building, and the previous owners had tried to give it to the city. The previous owners the Quicks tried to sell it to Adam Duren and he was planning on flipping the house, but that didn’t work out.
Whitney indicated that the deed was never transferred properly to Duren since the Quicks would have had to pay the back taxes on the property.

Kess stated that now that the county has taken over the property, will they work on going through the processes to demo the building. Would this put pressure on them to do that?
Attorney Klun indicated that she talked to Christopher Johnson with the county land and minerals. Klun indicated that they will come out and asses the building. Covid has changed their foreclosure process, now all the bidding on these properties is all online. With this they have had more sophisticated buyers, which mean they get buyers that are more interested in rehabbing properties. Our largest concern is we don’t want this property to be flipped/rehabbed; we would like to see property to be demoed. We are going to stay in close communication with the county, because the useful life of this property is close to 0, especially given the foundation issues on this property. We would really like to see the county demo it before it goes to tax forfeit sale.

Langowski stated that we have worked with the county in the past to get IRRR money to offset some of the funds of the demo for the county, then they make up the cost of the demo when they sell the lot. Langowski indicated that this is blight and needs to be remedied; it has gone on for way to long.

Building Official Whitney indicated that there are 3 main factor here the foundation has failed, the house was built to close to the street and it is a substandard lot.

Mayor Skraba asked if this lot would be buildable if the current property was demoed.
Langowski indicated that it could be built on, just a smaller sized house.

Attorney Klun indicated that at the next meeting we will have an order and it would be asking for a demo of the building.

Mayor Skraba adjourned the meeting at 5:12pm

Casey Velcheff
Deputy Clerk

Ely Echo December 25, 2021