Home damaged by fire before Christmas

by Nick Wognum
Greg and Jane Mosher walk their dogs every day on White Street and had a bit of excitement on Wednesday.
“We were walking by and I saw smoke pouring out of the eaves so I banged on the front door and told them they should call the fire department,” said Greg Mosher.
The call went out to 911 and the Ely fire department was paged at 3:57 p.m. to a structure fire at 1420 East White Street.
“When we arrived on scene, we found a single story house with heavy smoke showing from the eaves on all sides and coming out of the gable attic vents,” said fire chief Dave Marshall.
The occupants of the home, including Lynn DeNio, who lives there with her sister, were able to get out of the house safely.
Ely firefighters gained access to the attic through the interior of the house and found insulation, trusses, and items stored in the attic all on fire. The fire was extinguished and the house was vented through the gable to allow smoke to escape and removal of charred items and material from the attic.
Marshall said the attic had blown-in insulation that can hold embers and cause rekindling, much of this material was taken out of the house and extinguished in the front yard. Finally, a blanket of foam was sprayed over the entire attic to prevent the fire from rekindling during the night.
Ely police were asked to watch the house throughout the night for signs of rekindle. A cat was rescued from the structure and returned safely to the owners. The kitchen and attic sustained fire, smoke, and water damage.
The fire remains under investigation. There were no reported injuries of occupants or firefighters.
“A reminder to the public to call 911 anytime you have a fire even if you think it’s small or extinguished,” said Marshall.
The homeowners should be able to repair the home, according to Marshall.
“I feel the house is structurally sound and I think it can be made habitable again. With some work they can go back to living in that house.”
Ely fire department had 24 firefighters respond to this incident, Babbitt had five and the Ely Area Ambulance was on scene during the incident. Ely police department investigated the fire and assisted with traffic and crowd control.