Hook and Bullet Club - The key to the outdoors…

by Nick Wognum

Evan and I had a plan on Saturday to go to the shack and wrap things up.
Muzzleloader season had ended the weekend before and despite seeing 30 deer over two days, Camp Cholesterol ended the season without venison.
We drove back to the shack to pick up a wheeler and take down a deer stand.
At the shack we ran into a snafu right away. Evan put the key in the door lock and it snapped off. Now this wouldn’t have been as big of a problem if the key to the wheeler wasn’t inside the shack.
Digging around in the truck I found my Leatherman, a multi-tool that can really save the day. On Saturday it did for us as well. Evan was able to get the door to open and we retrieved the wheeler key.
That’s when our key problems continued. The wheeler key didn’t break off but it wouldn’t go in either. We weighed our options which included pulling/pushing the wheeler up to the truck and that didn’t sound like fun.
I had some hand warmers left over from deer season and used those to thaw out the frozen lock. That may have helped or maybe it was Evan applying brute force. Either way the key went in and the recharged battery we brought out did the trick.
Taking down the deer stand went much easier. Evan climbed up and made short work of that project. My job was to help carry pieces back to the wheeler, with Evan grabbing the bulkiest one.
That was it. We hopped in the wheeler and rode back to the truck, driving by spots where we had harvested deer in the past. But not this year.
Not getting a buck was one thing. Not being able to all gather together around the table at the shack was another. Covid put a big dent in our festivities this year. Thankfully those who had it came out unscathed.
But to have to deal with Covid during deer season was like putting salt in a wound. Made it more painful. Maybe we’ll be more thankful when we get together next year with no Covid and a few more bucks running around.
It was fun getting to hunt with Evan during the last two weekends of muzzleloader season. We did some road hunting to escape from the cold, but it was also quality time to talk. We chatted about work, about family, about politics, about snowmobiling and about life.
I was able to hunt the first weekend of rifle season with my daughter Megan and my nephew Justin. And the last two weekends of muzzleloader with my son Evan.
We weren’t blessed with deer during the two deer seasons but we were blessed with some time together. And that is the best blessing of all.