Truth in Taxation Public Hearing Ely City Council –

Truth in Taxation Public Hearing
Ely City Council –
Council Chambers
December 7, 2021

Call to Order:
Mayor Skraba called the Truth in Taxation Public Hearing to order at 6:00pm.

PRESENT: Council Members A.Forsman, Kess, Debeltz, Omerza, Callen, Campbell and Mayor Skraba

2022 Proposed Budget and Truth in Taxation Presentation
Clerk Langowski indicated that the budget committee has met several times discussing the 2022 budget. Currently the proposed levy is at 4.52%, the council can lower the levy, but it cannot be raised.

Clerk Langowski gave a slide presentation of the proposed 2022 Budget and proposed changes from 2021. Major changes and points of interest include:
• Total 2022 City Tax proposed - $1,977,900
• This is a City wide increase of $85,600 or 4.52% over 2021
• Taxable Net Tax Capacity remained steady at $1,681,106 in 2022 compared to $1,496,148 in 2021. The Net Tax Capacity is used for calculating tax rates after fiscal disparity contribution.
• Changes in the 2021 Budget from 2020
o General Fund –
• Property taxes remained steady to $527,100 in 2021 or a 9.81% increase over 2021
• Local Government Aid increased by $48,600 to $2,497,100 in 2022 compared to $2,448,500 in 2021 or 1.98%.
• Total general fund expenditures are budgeted to increase $257,000 to $3,893,200 or 7.1% from 2021. $143,000 is for a new pass through Grant for maintenance on the Prospectors Trail loop.
o EEDA –
• 2022 Special EEDA Levy is calculated 2021 Estimated Market Value times .01813 - $177,750,400 X .01813% = $32,226.15
• A special one-time Expense of $1,907,700 for the New Lease Revenue Bond Balloon payment. $1.640,800 the City received from the Department of Veterans affairs per the lease agreement for that balloon payment.
o Capital Projects Fund
• The Capital Project budgeted expenditures are $2,280,000
• The Airport budgeted $1,500,000 for a taxiway that will almost entirely be funded by grants
• $780,000 is budgeted in 2022 for the Pattison and 9th project. The project will mostly funded property taxes $600,000 and Street Maintenance Receipts $130,000
o Equipment Replacement Fund
• Equipment Replacement Property taxes are budgeted to increase to $175,000 or 4.98% over 2021.
• Equipment Replacement Expenditures are budgeted at $758,000 or a $600,000 increase over 2021. This is due to the scheduled replacement of the Fire Department Ladder Truck.

Mayor Skraba adjourned the meeting at 6:17pm without objection.

Casey Velcheff
Deputy Clerk

Ely Echo December 25, 2021