Final act of kindness leaves lasting impact

by Quinn Gorham KBJR-TV
Greg Mosher, a resident of Ely, helped usher two residents out of a burning home last Wednesday, just days before he passed away.
Mosher was walking his dog with his family when he saw smoke coming out of a nearby stranger’s house, so he rushed over to alert the homeowners.
Inside, Lynn DeNio and her sister Jean thought they had fully put out a small kitchen fire that had happened just a few hours prior.
“Somebody came knocking on our door to tell us your house is on fire and please get out. It was my nap time, I was just getting ready to go to sleep,” said DeNio.
The fire department responded and put out the fire before it caused extensive structural damage.
In the aftermath of the flames, DeNio decided to post on Facebook about her experience and the mystery man who saved her life, hoping to identify him.
“I wanted to meet the person and that’s when the messages started coming in that Greg had passed. I mean, he’s my hero,” she said.
Mosher died just two days after the fire from an unrelated and sudden health complication.
Nick Wognum, a friend of Mosher’s from the Prospector ATV Club, which Mosher was a board member of, said he was just the kind of person to stop and make sure his neighbors were okay.
“Maybe some other people would have walked by and thought that’s not my problem, but not Greg. He went and banged on the door and made sure they knew,” said Wognum
He said he believes Mosher’s final act of kindness perfectly sums up the legacy he leaves behind.
“Basically if you asked him to do something and you needed help, he was the guy that would step up and do it. That’s a great thing to have in a small town. So needed to have and so hard to replace,” he said.
DeNio says that selflessness is something she’ll never forget
“For Greg’s family, I can’t even express my gratitude for what your husband did for us. He, I believe, saved our lives,” she said.
DeNio and her sister are living in temporary housing for the time being while their home is assessed
She said they hope to be back in their house within the next six to eight months.