Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

A phone call on Christmas Eve was a shocker. To find out Greg Mosher had suddenly passed away sent chills up my spine and tears down my cheeks. To lose someone who was 58 blew me away.
Greg Mosher was just a great guy. My good fortune was to be able to see him most mornings when I stopped at Blomberg’s on my way to work. Even if he was working in the back room he’d come out to chat and most of the time we talked about the Prospector ATV Club.
Greg was a great behind-the-scenes guy who helped to make a lot of things happen. He was a wiz on Facebook and was always posting things to the Prospector page from an upcoming ride to our club Christmas party. When I would fall behind on getting something done, there was Greg prompting me with friendly reminders.
We had talked about him taking over as president which I think he would have been great at doing. He was always planning a ride for folks and would often plan the ride based on who was going. If there were some people new to ATVing he would make the ride shorter and go slower so everyone was comfortable. When we wanted to do a ride to the Trestle in 2020, it was Greg and Larry who made it happen and somehow made it there and back in record time. Fast or slow, Greg was the guy you wanted as a ride leader.
We didn’t always talk about ATVing, there were many times we just talked about life. He was so proud of his daughter Kathleen, her husband Anthony and of course granddaughter Brooklyn. The last time we spoke he was just giddy about a trip to International Falls with the family to meet his parents. Family was high on the list for Greg, somewhere just ahead of ATVing and fishing.
This has been a tough loss for me and I’ll miss Greg for sure. But then I was driving the day before his funeral and I heard a song that made me feel a little better. The song was by Casting Crowns titled “Scars in Heaven.”
This was one of the lyrics:
“There’s a wound here in my heart where something’s missing
And they tell me that it’s gonna heal with time
But I know you’re in a place where all your wounds have been erased
And knowing yours are healed is healing mine.”
We don’t know how many days the good Lord has planned for us on this earth. And I always think of what Kirby Pucket said, “Don’t take life for granted, because tomorrow isn’t promised to any one of us.”
Kirby was right and you would think I would know that. But I take too much for granted. That’s something I plan to change.