Letter: …caused me to wake up my dogs, snoring in the living room

Dear Editor:
I didn’t receive my Dec 18 Ely Echo in the mail until Wednesday the 23rd, courtesy of USPS. I couldn’t get half-way through section 1 without a couple of non-shockers:
1.) Superintendent Erie has resigned from ISD 696, citing “health reasons,” six months into a two-year contract.
2.) The Fun Run is on hold because of Covid, but per the front page of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune at the checkout inside Casey’s Convenience Store - “Omicron rages throughout the world”.
I’m sure The ol’ Arctic Blast will live on and do well. I hate it for the organizers that had to make that decision.
3.) Page nine caused me to wake up my dogs, snoring in the living room. One, full-page ad desperately claiming Pete Stauber has “failed” us.
I scanned the 70+ signatories after a loud “WTF ARE YOU PEOPLE?!?”
I don’t know a single one of you. Especially the 19 who wished to remain anonymous.
Man, what people will do for attention.
Justin W. Doering
(Formerly of Ely)
Hutchinson, MN