Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

Do you feel like we were robbed of a holiday, specifically New Year’s? With the day off falling on a Saturday, many people didn’t get to enjoy a three day weekend.
Add in temperatures that were below zero during the day and colder than I want to know at night made the weekend feel like a lost cause. I huddled in my garage and got to work cleaning up for winter, a month late.
There were still plenty of deer hunting items to be put away, most of them had been tossed in the garage at the end of muzzleloader season.
Evan stopped over to visit at one point and we chatted about snowmobiling for awhile. Mary and I are getting back into the sport after taking two years off.
We have some great family memories of pulling into a gas station with five machines as our whole family would be out for a ride.
Those machines ended up with a lot of miles on them as we traversed around northeast Minnesota. I wouldn’t trade those days or those memories for anything.
Eleven years after we last bought snowmobiles we went over to Lossing’s and picked up two sleds. Well, first we went to the credit union and signed a bunch of papers.
Now we’re looking forward to this bitter cold traditional January weather to lift so we can ride the lakes and trails again.
If you’re going to live in Ely during the winter time you need to find an outdoor activity. Or you’ll be stuck in your garage every weekend.