Letter: …quite the local news; where to begin?

Letter to Editor:
..what a roller coaster of events in the Ely Echo!
Well, from political letters to the editor, and sadly, obits...it’s quite the local news; where to begin? Start with the dreaded politics...sure!
I have to say I really enjoyed the editors take on the recent withdrawal of federal mining leases; whether in favor or not, companies have a right to do business with appropriate watchdogs in a safe way to better all of us, not special interests.
Next, Pete Stauber, glad you are willing to stick up for our community and representing other constituents other than just one side; along with a very nice gentleman from IFalls, representative, Mr. Rob Ecklund. Senator Tom Bakk, I see you have a challenger? Rest assured, though I personally believe in term limits for all politicians, you have dedicated years of your life to the better of our local communities, and personally I don’t see you having any problem defeating your challenger soon; you sir are a good guy and I’m glad to know you, and glad to have you represent local interests!
Claire High, great letter and valid points no doubt! Hope Spaeth also nice little write up about the Ely experiences in regards to the Blueberry Fest; even Mike Banovetz is at it with weekly very good articles as always!
Sadly on other notes we have lost some good people I know well. David Mayen (good person, quite knowledgeable, smart guy, and always cared for his friends and family; for Dave being a friend, you were family). Leonard Bauman (my 4th grade teacher as well as many others, boy he left quite a legacy and offspring, as well as being a WW2 vet-true hero as a veteran, as well as a teacher to not only the community, and it’s children, but also his family).
Mona Maki-Thoren (many knew you as well, whether back in the days at the Clark station, or some very fun croquet matches!) Linda Fryer you as well were a great steward to the community.
...on that note Mr. Doug Luthanen, I agree get those ciscos back; Jim Maki deserves his name cleared. Bill Erzar, nice job on your “new found skills as a photographer,” and lastly I need to call that guy with the otter sled in the classifieds tomorrow. I don’t even ice fish but it just looks like a decent deal! Please be kind to everyone regardless of your opinions, and may God bless all those previous residents we have lost these past few weeks.
Jason Hedloff
Ely, MN