Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

Mary and I made a trip across the state to visit her parents in Perham. We doubled down by being able to watch granddaughter Kinlee race in a kids snowmobile circuit in Perham as well.
These kids, ages 4-14 were tough enough to be out in below zero temps and racing around a snow track complete with corners and hills.
Kinlee is only five but she has the one thing racers must have: no fear.
The races she was in featured 120 cc stock snowmobiles that can still move around the track pretty good with some allowed modifications.
Kinlee was having a hard time getting up a steep hill on the course and her dad Jacob had the solution on hand.
The rules allow you to either put a zip tie or a stronger spring on the throttle connection.
Jacob put the stiffer spring on first and the 120 suddenly sounded a lot faster. He even took it out around the pit area and it moved with him on it.
“Maybe that’s a little too fast,” he said.
The decision was made to go with the zip tie that would make the sled somewhere between where it was and what the stiff spring turned it into.
We went back into the enclosed trailer where propane heaters and Oreo cookies were waiting.
Jacob told Kinlee he made the sled a little faster and she seemed fine with that.
Now it was time for the last race of the weekend and Kinlee made her way to the starting line. She had to take a sharp left and the steep hill was right in front of her. Kinlee hit the throttle and the 120 climbed the hill and went over the top.
As far as we were concerned, the weekend was a winning one right there.