Lion versus lamb versus rain versus snow may be the back and forth weather battle this March

by CBS 3 meteorologist Dave Anderson

I was one of Jack Montgomery’s cub scouts back in the early 70’s. One meeting, he had all of us scouts line up and he gave us a sheet of paper to read. After I spoke the piece, he announced I passed the audition and would deliver the speech at the next pack meeting in the basement of the CC. That was the start of my interest in public speaking.
By the late 80s, I was working at KBJR TV drawing weather maps for legendary meteorologist Jack McKenna. Jack was a big fan of Ely and Winton. He had been a World War Two meteorologist who did forecasting for B-17 bomb groups. For many years after the war, he loved chatting with bomber crewman Tauno Maki of Winton about those days. Jack would also hobnob with Mayor Grahek during the sled dog races of the early 70’s.
After Jack retired in 1989, weathercaster Carol Hall took me under her wing and prepped me to go on air. I first did that in March of 1992. Here’s to 30 years of talking about weather with folks thanks to a seed planted by an Ely cubmaster a half century ago.
Of course, decades of talking about snow storms doesn’t lessen the need to snowblow the aftermath. Those that forecast the snow also have to shovel it themselves if it makes anyone feel better. This year, there’s been a decent amount of snow removal to do.
Data is indicating this winter is the coldest since those years without a fishing opener back in 2013 and 2014. We’ve also received a fair amount of snow, too. In March, we may still have a fair amount of snow blowing to do as the month may make some wild temperature swings. The month may start warm enough to trigger some rain storms but could end cold enough for a good dose of snow. Some long range forecasters think March may get 3 extra inches of rain equivalent moisture. If that comes as snow instead, that would mean the potential for 30 inches! Temperatures trends for the month are estimated to average six degrees warmer than normal.
Our forecast may then start warm and even stormy from the 1st to the 8th. The 9th to the 16th could become cool and snowy. The 17th to 21st period shows signs of being mild with rain and snow mixes. March may go out on a cold note from the 22nd to 31st and that’s where some fair snow totals could come in.
Along with Jack Montgomery, I also have to thank Mr. Mortensen and Miss Wright of ISD 696 for their help with public speaking along with Pastor Ed Engdahl of Grace Lutheran Church who used to let a teen-aged me lead services when he was on vacation.