Cersine returns to Town of Morse board after capturing 100% of votes on Tuesday

Len Cersine’s name was the only one on the Town of Morse ballot and that was just fine with 38 voters on Tuesday.
Cersine received all 38 votes and returns for a three-year term on the board.
Moderator Terry Soderberg guided the 21-minute annual meeting after the election concluded.
Treasurer Mary Ann Lekatz read the township’s financial statement.
She noted that while the total funds had increased from $296,436.55 to $467,821.72, the township hadn’t closed on the $136,000 purchase of four parcels of land on the Taconite Trail.
Morse is looking to get reimbursed for expenses related to this purchase from the DNR.
Lekatz also said the new fire hall building on Hwy. 88 was paid off in 2021.
Soderberg guided the nine township residents through the proposed 2023 budget.
The general fund portion decreased by $13,600 to $212,700 due to there not being a primary and general election that year.
The road and bridge portion stayed the same at $131,800 for the fourth straight year.
Supervisor Bob Berrini noted the board can make changes to the budget if needed, including for higher fuel costs.
Soderberg noted he drove by a gas station this week on the way to a meeting and when he came back the price had increased 20 cents. Gas prices were at $3.99 a gallon in Ely this past week.
Residents kept the property tax levy the same at $181,036.43 for the General Fund and $184,693.73 for the Road and Bridge fund.
New Ely brewery
Jerry Veranth asked if the township had been contacted about Austin Lunn starting a brewery behind his property off of Sotlitch Road. He said he had no problem with the small brewery being located there.
Clerk Nick Wognum said the township would be contacted if the property owner would need a conditional use or variance for the project.
Veranth noted Lunn is also a musician.
Wikipedia lists Panopticon as an American black metal band founded by Austin Lunn in Louisville, Kentucky in 2007.
Austin Lunn and Nathaniel Chapman opened HammerHeart Brewery’s Lino Lakes taproom in 2013.
The business website states, “Our brewery formed in 2013, and is built in the honor and recognition of the old Nordic and Celtic cultures, rich with experience, wisdom, literature, and life.
“We opened in 2013 after an internship at Norway’s Haand Bryggeriet in 2011 and two years of life change that resulted in a production facility and taproom in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.
The brewery’s name was chosen from the epic viking metal album ‘Hammerheart’by the classic Swedish metal band Bathory. This album combined two sources of endless inspiration for us, metal and mythology.
​“We have spent six years exploring beers rooted in tradition, honoring friends, family, and other important things in our lives. With over 130 recipes and counting, many rarely seen outside of Scandinavia such as Stjørdalsøl, Finnish-Style Sahti, or a Jul Øl aged in Aquavit barrels. These are things we have committed to and things that give us purpose.”
Over 120 fire calls
Morse-Fall Lake fire chief Ted Krueger went through the fire calls for 2021 with 123 calls overall including 80 in Morse.
Krueger said it was a busy season and it’s going to get busier. He said with more tourism the accident rates increase as well.
He said there has been a number of snowmobile accidents this winter and with ATV traffic increasing there may be more there as well.
Krueger said the department and the first responders spent a lot of time on the major forest fires in the area including the Bezhik, Delta and Greenwood Fire.
Krueger said at no given time was no more than one-fourth of the department’s assets and members outside the area. He said if the activity continues to increase the fire budget will have to increase in the future.
In other business:
• Krueger said Energizer will randomly send a couple cases of batteries to change smoke alarm batteries. Free nine volt batteries were handed out.
• Voting hours for the March 14, 2023 township election were kept at noon to 8 p.m.