Hook and Bullet Club - Spring cruise on Burntside

There were three of us having lunch on a Friday and I was listening to these two talk about putting their snowmobiles away for the year.
They were talking about fogging the gas and how many miles they had put on this year.
I was only thinking about getting out on the lakes and doing some spring riding.
Sunday afternoon my youngest son Evan and I found a few hours to get outside. We loaded up the sleds on a trailer and stopped at a gas station to fill up. A few people gave us strange looks, especially since the temperature was close to 50 degrees.
We knew it was going to be a great day to get on the lake and ride. At the Van Vac landing we unloaded and hit the lake. There were areas with slush and standing water and there were areas that were flat and fast.
We took off to the west end, stopped to take a photo by Doug Luthanen’s boat house and then headed back on the north side. We were weaving between the islands and making our way to North Arm.
Even with the warm temps, the snowmobiles ran great. The mid-range power that had been available on the trail all winter was right there on the ice on the first day of spring.
We cruised by Slim Creek and there wasn’t any open water there yet. It’s one of a handful of spots on Burntside that open first due to current. It’s also a good place to get smelt if you know when to go.
From there we headed over to a beach area where there was still nearly three feet of snow. I know this because Evan stepped off his sled and sunk in.
We stayed there and talked for awhile, a nice easy way to spend time on a sunny afternoon in Ely, Minnesota.
From there we took the portage to Twin Lakes (cleared now vs. clogged with trees earlier in the winter). We took a right at the Dead River and headed back to Burntside. Again, no open spots other than right next to beaver houses.
Evan took the lead and we headed into a bay where Natashae and Susie were playing with their dogs on the lake. It was pretty funny to watch the dogs bark at Evan until he took his helmet off.
We continued on, riding the shorelines, zooming in and out of bays, just enjoying the afternoon.
For those who put their snowmobiles away already, you missed out a great couple of hours on the lake. We put on 40 miles and had smiles on our faces.
Will we get another ride like that in this year? I certainly hope so. There’s still several feet of ice on the lakes as long as you stay away from where there is current.
Something to think about the next time your buddy talks about putting his sled away for the year.