Hook and Bullet Club

For my mother’s Celebration of Life, we had family arrive from both the West Coast and from across the pond.
My cousins Susan from San Diego made the trip as well as my cousin Ingrid and her husband Andrew who reside in London.
Having the three of them here was a real treat and made for some great reminiscing.
The event on Saturday went off without a hitch thanks to Grand Ely Lodge and their staff who did an excellent job.
My thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit and share a memory or two. The afternoon flew by and when it was over I felt there just wasn’t enough time to talk with people who came.
I would also like to thank everyone who has called, emailed, stopped by, or sent a card. Each night we sit down and go through the cards with Mary working on the thank you notes. This way people can read what is written.
While going through things out at my mother’s house I came across a report card from sixth grade. My teacher that year was Jack Jensen and he was no fan of my handwriting. I’m pretty sure the C- he gave me each quarter in penmanship was a gift.
Funny story about Mr. Jensen, and you have to remember this was many, many years ago when a good swat to the behind was not only allowed, it was encouraged by many parents.
Anyway, at lunchtime one day we were in the classroom early and one of the boys decided he was going to run across the room by jumping from desk to desk.
Mr. Jensen walked in and caught him in the act. Now I don’t remember exactly what he said but I do remember he had the boy get back up on the desk.
Then he walked over to where his paddle was leaning (picking the one with holes in it so you could hear it coming). He pulled the paddle back like a baseball player in the batter’s box and gave the student something to keep him from pulling that stunt again.
Funny what memories come up just by opening up a report card. I’m sure there will be plenty other memories to come up as I sort through what to keep and what not to.
Having family gathered around the dinner table on Saturday was a true treat, albeit not for the best reason.
We did realize that Susan, Ingrid and I represented each of the three kids that our grandparents put on this Earth. And somehow we ended up sitting next to each other that night.
We may be a half a country or a whole ocean apart but we are now closer than ever before. Part may be due to losing a loved one but part is also realizing we are now stepping up as the next generation. Oh what a legacy we have to carry on.