Trout Whisperer

It’s a religious experience, that I recovered from

I vividly remember who gave me the fly-tying recipe, I absolutely remember when and where he gave it to me, and not even to sure what I was looking at or hearing, because I new only that recipes, were for cooking, but I was so impressed.
My tutelage was begun.
Threads, hook sizes, bobbins, dubbing, hackle and herl and I re-ally took to it, it felt good in my fingers to make tiny flies, and that was all good and fine until he got me working on beaded nymphs, and the difference they had trout fishing versus, streamers or dry’s, I felt like why bother with anything other than a nymph, I mean they catch a whole lot more fish and I still sit in that church pew today.
If he made one mistake with me it was when he told me how matching the hatch was high church in fly fishing, but nymphs, and how there fished, can hook you a hundred trout to one, I could never go back, I was a catcher, not a fly-casting purist, and have never really strayed from it.
Today, opener my tying box, fiddling with the beads, and the newfangled tungsten ones with so many more colors to choose from, to those plastics that broke far too often of long ago, add so much, to make it so much easier.
The only thing this day is, I have paged through many a flytying book, and I can’t find his old recipe to save my life.
~ The trout whisperer