Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

Finally there was a Saturday with nice weather in our forlorn spring of 2022. We piled in the truck, Mary, Bev, Steve and I and headed for Giants Ridge.
Jim, Kelsey, Brad and Coleman were going to meet us there along with Nella. We would make up a large cheering section for Evan.
This was a snowmobile race where sleds head uphill through gates, winding back and forth over bumps and jumps until they get to the top of the hill.
Evan’s buddy Kael Richards had convinced him this was a fun thing to do and he was right.
Mary and I went over Friday night to watch practice and get a lay of the land. We hadn’t been there since Kael’s grandpa Mark drag raced up the hill back in 2004.
Officially the event was called the Midwest Extreme Snowmobile Challenge. There were three different races, the Hillclimb where Evan and Kael were racing, the Hillcross where racers line up side by side and race straight up the hill over jumps and, the Hill Drags where two sleds race for the best time up a groomed hill.
Evan took a first in the Locals division of the Hillclimbs and Kael took a first in the Hill Drags. Not too shabby for the local boys.
We took it all in, starting with a climb up the hill to a viewing area near the top of the hill. This was quite the walk and thankfully the snow was still firm. Steve and I stopped to look back a couple of times. We might have been catching our breath as well.
From where we were standing we could watch both the Hillclimb and the Hillcross, but we focused on watching Evan and Kael on the Hillclimb.
There wasn’t much for concessions save for keg beer by the cup which we took advantage of in a clear, blue sky day without any wind. Thankfully, there were also porta-potties where we were.
The hill was pretty icy in the morning and there were some pretty good crashes during the day. The more sleds that went up the Hillclimb, the deeper the corners got and the tougher the hits got.
It was a beautiful day to be outside with sunburn being the only problem.
This race circuit is fairly new and there were definitely some bugs they needed to work out but somehow it all worked.
I found the pictures from 2004 and boy did we all look a lot younger! I would do a “that was then and this is now” photo comparison but I’m thinking that might not go over too well.
It was just great to see friends out having fun watching snowmobile racing. Something to look forward to for next winter!