LETTER: …with continuing to use Ely to solicit money for a do nothing campaign

To the Editor,
Will this time in history be an awakening? Will we continue to rely on a global economy without a back up plan? I would hope not.
With the latest petroleum issues that will drive inflation to all time highs and a possible recession, I wonder how the environmentalists feel about their efforts to stop drilling, pipelines, power lines, manufacturing, mining, logging, bridge building, highways, on and on.
We should be independent using our own resources so we can have security and move forward into the 21st century.
The recent decisions made, not by an educated evaluation, but only by a political agenda, to put the Twin Metals project on hold along with the moratorium of these 234,000 acres for 20 years is absurd.
If we continue to stock our petroleum reserves since 1975 to protect our economy and security, then why aren’t we mining & storing our most valuable resources for green energy, technology, medical- pharmaceutical for human kind right here in Ely, MN or will be held captive by foreign countries that will inevitably result in a rude awakening.
If the true environmentalists really want a clean earth then it is time for them to step up with solutions rather than kicking that dead horse for the purpose of tax loopholes to start foundations and non profits for personal gains.
Just like Becky and Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness and all their spin off non-profits, which have kicked that dead horse for over 15 years with continuing to use Ely to solicit money for a do nothing campaign with end results amounting to puppy chow.
Maybe without the funding from Bend Oregon and Minneapolis/St. Paul, Becky and her puppets could accomplish something for our environment by cleaning our oceans or figuring out why humans are infested with microplastics that are showing up in our blood streams, so make resolve on real time situations, not by just playing up our political games.
I am encouraging all that want Ely to prosper not only economically, but for families to live and share dreams, to write the Internal Revenue Service in Texas to ensure that Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness and their friends are operating in compliance to their status as a 501(C)(3) non profit, for they are setting their own rules and are in violation when playing these political games. Internal Revenue Service, Attn: EO Classifications Unit, 1100 Commerce Street, Stop 4910 DAL, Dallas, TX 75242.
I am still curious why Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness and all their affiliates of non-profits including NorthFace, Patagonia, REI, Kelty among 60 plus others want to be environmentalists but do not initiate problem solving solutions that truly make a difference for all citizens of the United States.
I am still waiting for a response from Brady Robinson, Executive Director of Conservation Alliance on a question I asked in a letter sent on 2/1/2022, that does the alliance condone actions taken by board members of Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness non-profit properly apply and receive mining tax dollars from the Iron Range Rehabilitation Resources Board while denouncing mining in this very same area and to resolve whether this is an ethical practice for the alliance.
This ethical practice by Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness is not only a slap in the face to mining but also to Ely, MN.
By receiving these 75,000 a year grants from the conservation alliance validates that this coalition of businesses operate without manners, and also should be slapped in the face.
Remember when purchasing your outerwear, camping gear, and supplies for your next outdoor adventure, that these companies are condoning these acts of selfishness and greed and have followed their cohorts, Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness non-profit by no resolve for the future.
These conservation alliance companies, foundations, and non-profits would not exist without mining the earth. I do not condone these companies when buying their products overseas and using child labor.
I’m for the U.S.A. and our worker bees.
P.S. A special thanks to Ely’s Rotarians work for the Ely Area Food Shelf.
Tom Cooper
Ely, MN