Hook and Bullet Club - Meeting Bridger

Getting to meet a new member of the family is a pretty big deal. My oldest son Jacob and his wife Kyah made Kinlee a big sister when Bridger was born on April 24.
Weighing in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces he was a joy to hold when we were out in the Fargo area last weekend. There’s something about a human being so small, with all the baby smells that melts your heart.
We took turns and each got in some Bridger time during our visit. Those minutes were treasured. And watching Kinlee hold her baby brother was heart warming as well.
This has certainly been an interesting emotional time in life after losing my mother. There are many times when I think I can ask her a question or let her know what’s going on.
But now there’s a hole where for my whole life there was a mom. I thought how nice it would have been to have her hold her great-grandson. It was a similar scenario when my dad passed.
That’s life right? We try to find our way through it, doing our best even when we’re making mistakes and doubting our convictions.
To be closing in on becoming eligible for AARP and be looking at the next generation days after birth is a real mind bender.
What will his life turn out to be? And how much of it will I get to see?
So many unknowns along our path - all rolled up into one thought - treasure the time you have and be thankful for all the good Lord has blessed us with.