2022 Spring Ely Cemetery Clean Up

The time for cleaning up graves and grounds at the cemetery has arrived in preparation for Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th. Decorations such as old wreaths, faded, and deteriorated artificial arrangements should be picked up and removed. Some have blown across the access roads making things look unsightly. Please help with cleaning them up as well as improving your gravesites preferably by May 22nd, but before Memorial Day Weekend.

There is fill, both gravel and topsoil, available for the taking. It can be found on the Dorothy Molter entrance road on the north end of the Memorial Gardens by the berm and also on the east end of the Cemetery.

The City is again hoping to engage the services of the Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps (NBHPC) for a few days this summer to assist in righting and resetting headstones, levelling and cleaning footstones, filling sunken graves, possibly cutting brush, and trimming bushes. This is especially critical since the city budget does not generally allow for this. Many of these graves belong to families that have either passed on or have long ago moved away from the area.

The Hugh and Eila Korpi Ely Cemetery Trust have paid for the construction of the new Columbarium. If anyone is interested in purchasing a Columbarium niche contact the Clerk’s Office – 218-365-3224. We are thankful to the generous support of the Korpi Trust for this addition. A Columbarium area is being planned for the betterment of the cemetery through consideration and funding by this Trust.

The installation of ANY Stone or Marker MUST be approved by the City, and lot corners marked by City of Ely employees PRIOR to installation of any such Markers or Stones. This applies to any private party, family, contractor, or business doing the installation. See the installation guides. Any unauthorized placements may be removed.

Our cemetery crew is a small, very hard-working group. The mowers are out most every day, mowing around the many markers and other decorations can be quite challenging as this work is usually done with riding mowers, requiring Footstones and Foundations to be flush with the ground. Wires from artificial arrangements are particularly hazardous to grounds crew and their hand operated maintenance equipment as well.

Please do your part with the decorations and floral arrangements you have placed on the graves of your loved ones to keep them in acceptable condition. Your help is appreciated.

Contributions to the Cemetery general fund are most welcome and appreciated due to the City’s limited budget. These monies help with improvements, ongoing work, and overall maintenance.

Donations can be dropped at the City Clerk’s office or mailed to:
City of Ely, Cemetery Fund,
209 E. Chapman St., Ely, MN 55731.

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