Mable Mary Jennrich

Mable Mary Jennrich (Mary) (Lulu) of Plymouth, passed away on June 13, 2022 at the age of 75. Mary was born July 13, 1946 in Tomahawk, Wisconsin to William and Mary Scott. When Mary was two, she and her family moved to Ely, Minnesota. She lost both her parents by the age of 10 and was raised by her beloved sister and brother In-law Rosie and Donald Hoover. Forever thereafter, Rosie and Mary had a very special bond.
As family lore goes, at birth Mary was given the name Mary Mable Scott, 11 year old Rosie was given the task of walking down to the nursing station to announce her name but along the way she got the names turned around, Mable Mary Scott became her legal name. She detested the name Mable, and would quickly correct anyone who dared use it. Rosie also gave her the nickname “Lulu”, this one she liked, a name family and friends continued to call her throughout her life. After High School, Mary attended St. Lukes School of Nursing in Duluth. After receiving her nursing degree she worked in Maine and Washington before returning to Minnesota. She spent her career and life taking care of others.
She met her husband George at a nurse’s party that he was coerced into attending as the nurses needed “some men at the party.” They married on March 17th, 1972. Soon thereafter they bought a house with a big backyard on a hill overlooking Medicine Lake and that was home for the next 50 years.
After taking some time off to raise their sons, Scott and Eric, Mary went back to work at Golden Valley Hospital. As is the life of a nurse she routinely worked doubles, all the while running a household, raising two young boys, and caring for her step-father, Elmer. She cooked dinners, drove car pools, attended all school and sporting events. The ultimate mom who forever had her kids back.
She was given the gift of five grandchildren whom she loved dearly. Reed, Harrison, Lauren, Franny and Eddie. Mary will be remembered not just for giving her life to the service of others but for the love she had for her family.