Youth Golf: Swing-Swat-Sink

by Lori Casey
Thirty-three golf camp participants grades three to eight were definitely not swatting at golf balls last week at Ely Golf Club. Sand flies were swarming so the rhythm of play seemed to be swing the club, swat the bugs, and listen for that putt to sink! Throughout the week the pests seemed to decline and the winds helped create a comfortable atmosphere.
Several returning students from Ely, Duluth and Virginia welcomed newcomers from Iowa and Texas.
As in past years volunteer members of Ely Golf Club taught the game of golf to young girls and boys. The goal was to have fun, learn the game of golf or fine tune the “good” skills previously learned.
Tuesday through Friday coaches spent 90% of the time on the course. They taught a skill, tested for accuracy and practiced that swing in a game situation.
Coaches reported their experience was well worth it after seeing the positive behavior exhibited by players and excitement shown after executing airmail, barkies or birdie shots.
The popcorn and treats on Friday may have been the biggest hit for players. The kids and staff had fun and the program is thankful for our volunteers, club staff and contributors to Ely Golf Club or the Ely Area Golf Foundation that support us.