Kudos to everyone for a great 4th

The trifecta of a great holiday weekend was achieved in Ely. Great weather, fun events and lots of people having fun were all present during the July 4 weekend.
There was a new event, Rock the Park, held in Whiteside Park on Saturday night. This was a gamble taken by the Ely Events Committee and by all accounts it was a home run.
Two musical acts delighted hundreds who showed up on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. There were food trucks parked along the edges of the event area, several of which ran out of food by 8 p.m.
The Events Committee also sold out of the 1,000 buttons they had available to support the event and the Ely Fireman’s Relief Association was busy pulling cans from coolers throughout the evening for parched concert goers.
Congratulations to those who made this event a success and our hope is this will continue and hopefully expand to additional weekends of good times and live music in Whiteside Park.
Monday’s events had a bit of rain to deal with in the morning and it even sprinkled a bit before the parade started. But that was it. The parade went off without a hitch, filled with Ely flavored entries including one of the winning floats that had a pig, a turkey and a one-eyed dog. Well, it was a Contented Critters float so anything was possible.
There were over 70 different entries in the parade from crowd favorites like the Ely Klown Band to kids with decorated bicycles and three different Zup’s floats showering people with candy, cereal, taco shells, freezies, cookies and rolls of toilet paper. After the parade kids were struggling to carry their bags of loot from all that had been tossed from various floats in the parade.
We love the way Ely celebrates our Independence Day, complete with a grand fireworks show. Well done everyone!