Morse-Fall Lake to participate in National Night Out event on August 2

The Morse-Fall Lake First Responders and Fire Department will participate in the National Night Out event on August 2.
Fire chief Ted Krueger proposed an open house event at the fire hall on Grant McMahan Boulevard.
“We would serve food and have fire safety information,” said Krueger. “It would get the public involved and they could see who we are and what equipment we actually have.”
At Wednesday’s Morse-Fall Lake meeting, the board endorsed the plan and noted the two new vehicles were purchased this year with monies from the Greenstone fire.
“It’s good to show people what we have,” said board member Bob Berrini. “We’ll have the new pick-up and Mike Harri (of the First Responders) will have his new one.”
Krueger said he would also like to invite the Lake County and St. Louis County sheriff’s departments.
“We have a lot of new equipment and members, it would be nice to do this,” said Krueger.
A light meal of hot dogs, chips, pop and water would be served.
The board approved the plan and budgeted $500 for expenses.
Krueger also told the board that the night before a joint training session was held at Morse-Fall Lake with 43 firefighters participating including from Babbitt and Ely.
“It was good training and it was split up with three different people running the three sections of the training,” said Krueger. “And everybody worked together.”
He said there was good feedback from participants.
“They were pleased to learn about each other’s equipment and what’s on each truck,” said Krueger.
Krueger noted the department doesn’t have a relief association after the decision was made to have the state manage pension funds through PERA.
“There could be a new organization starting to benefit the fire department, Eagles Nest just did it,” said Krueger.
The number of fire calls continues to climb for Morse-Fall Lake.
Krueger said there was one call every three days in June and that the numbers are nearly double what they were last year.
“The amount of fire calls and rescues and car accidents along with storms, the numbers keep climbing. I hate to say it but we may have to raise the fire budget. There’s more people, more new buildings. It’s a lot.
“It’s taking a toll on our equipment too. Especially going out in these storms and seems like a lot of times we’re doing the township and county dirty work for them because we get called out and have to cut our way in to a rescue.”
He said equipment has been taking a beating, including chainsaws.
Mike Harri said the first responders were called out 25 times in the past month. He said the department also held a monthly training event on splinting and backboarding. This month’s training will be on water rescues.
Harri asked for and received approval to do standby for the snowmobile watercross event on Fall Lake Aug. 6-7.
The board also approved replacing a 10 year-old office computer.
In other business the board approved a contract with St. Louis County for $31,692 to provide fire and first responder coverage in five unorganized townships from up the Echo Trail to the west end of Burntside.