A trend toward cooler conditions may apply to August

Dave’s Weather Outlook

by CBS 3 meteorologist Dave Anderson
A lot of Ely and Babbitt people have roots in Slovenia. Slovenia is literally exploding from the heat this summer. Forest fires aggravated by a heatwave are setting off unexploded munitions from World War One battles between the Austrians and Italians.
The front line between battles of cold versus warm air is marked off by the polar jet stream. This summer, the warm side of the border has covered the southern U.S. and crested like a wave into Europe as well. Those zones have had a heatwave. Here in the Upper Midwest, we’ve been on the cool side of the jet stream border for the most part discounting a couple of trips into the 90’s this season.
Our region’s cool trend has led to Lake Superior being its coldest since 1997. Much of the lake is still in the 30’s. Limnologists say that is a good thing because cooler than normal conditions put a hit on the invasive species that have plagued Superior since the St. Lawrence Seaway opened decades ago.
The stats from Duluth International Airport for the July just passed says our region ran temperatures from 48-90. The average temperature was minus 0.2 of a degree from normal. Rain was minus 0.09 of an inch from normal.
For August, some long range forecasters think we’ll be hit with temperatures that average three degrees cooler than normal. For rain, we may go two inches over the norm.
Trends for August may break this way: the 1st to 9th should be cool and showery, the 10th to 18th will be cool and dry, the 19th to 22nd could be warm and stormy, the 23rd to 27th could be warm and stormy enough for severe weather and the 28th to 31st will go back to cool and dry.
September and October could go back to being warmer than normal and wetter than normal, too. To track these weather trends, I’d be honored if you kept an eye on the CBS 3 TV newscasts on air or at cbs3duluth.com.