Regular Meeting Ely City Council – City Hall, Council Chambers August 2, 2022

Regular Meeting Ely City Council – City Hall,
Council Chambers
August 2, 2022

The regular meeting of the Ely City Council was called to order by Mayor Skraba at 5:30pm in the Council Chambers.
PRESENT: Council members A.Forsman, Kess, Debeltz, Omerza, Callen, Campbell, and Mayor Skraba

Debeltz/Campbell moved to approve the minutes from the July 19, 2022 Regular Council Meeting. Motion Carried Unanimously.

A. 8.A Planning & Zoning Commission
B. 9.E. Mortgage Satisfaction for Ely License Bureau recorded on July 23, 2009 as Document No. 01113915.
Omerza/Callen moved to add the Additions A and B. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Mayor Skraba stated that there was a great turnout for the Blueberry Art Festival this last weekend. He did not hear any complaints, all comments were positive and the weather was good.
Skraba indicated that he attended the Range Mayor Meeting with RAMA and they are sending a letter in opposition of the land withdrawal and suggested the Council send a similar letter.
Omerza/Debeltz moved to send a letter in opposition of the land withdrawal and minerals in northeast Minnesota from future leasing and potential development. Motion Carried Unanimously.

A. Motion to waive readings in entirety of all ordinances and resolutions on tonight’s agenda.
B. Approve having a Special Council Meeting on August 11th at 5pm in the Council Chambers at Ely City Hall to Canvass the Primary Election Results for Mayor.
Callen/Debeltz moved to approve the Consent Agenda items A and B. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Tom Kelly – Walker, Giroux & Hahne – Audit Presentation
Tom Kelly, with Walker, Giroux & Hahne presented a review of the 2020 Audit. The only deficiency noted was the Segregation of Duties which occurs due to the limited number of personnel within the City’s administration office, the segregation of accounting functions necessary to ensure adequate internal accounting control is not possible. It was recommended that officials and management should constantly be aware of this condition, attempt to segregate duties as much as possible and provide oversight to partially compensate for this deficiency.
Management Points included during the audit: 1) it was noted that several grant reimbursement requests for 2021 were dated several months after year-end and included expenditures from portions of two calendar years. We recommend the City establish a December 31 cutoff period for pay requests to be submitted for expenditures from that calendar year. This will help with reconciling grant revenues and expenditures and should increase cash flow. 2) Some invoices for expenditures for the Prospectors Loop Trail – Beaver River project were submitted for request for reimbursement to two grant funding sources (both state). The result was an over-reimbursement of expenditures. When a single invoice or expenditure is to be requested for partial reimbursement from multiple sources, this should be documented and communicated clearly to the funding sources to avoid over-reimbursement.
Tom Kelly stated that the staff was, as always great to work with audit again and it was nice to be back on site for the start of the fieldwork again this year.
Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA): Minutes included in the Council Packet

Planning & Zoning Commission
Matter of Information: Board of Adjustment approved the variance request to build and accessory structure (garage) with no primary structure. The parcel is located at PID# 030-0030-02340. (Daniel Krings Owner)

Planning and Zoning has no objections to allow Tom Everson (60 W Shagawa Rd) to purchase a triangular piece of land from the city to bring his existing lot into conformance.

A.Forsman/Kess moved to have Attorney Klun draft the ordinances for the sale of land for Daniel Krings PID # 030-0030-02340 for $5000 and for Tom Everson at 60 W Shagawa Rd to purchase a triangular piece of land to bring his existing lot into conformance, price to be determined.
Langowski indicated there is a couple moving pieces to these properties. The request for a garage at PID#030-0030-02340 the reason for getting a variance before the purchase is that there is no reason to purchase the property if he could not get the variance for the garage. The lot at the end of Shagawa Road the old home that was there shared the water service with the neighbor, and there is not sewer service to the property. The one request Langowski made to Everson was to come up with a plan for the property, does he plan on building, if he does what is the plan to get water and sewer to the property.
Mayor Skraba indicated that we should have some covenants on the property if they are to build they will have to bring in City water and Sewer and Electric.
Langowski indicated that we need to come to a resolution on the value of this property on Shagawa Rd. The other property that Krings is looking to purchase was valued at $5000 when looked at cost per square foot on other sales we have had recently.
Motion Carried Unanimously

Other Committee Reports
Kess stated that we should send another letter to the legislature in support of a special session for the bonding bill.
Omerza discussed the CGMC conference she attended last week; discussion on the need for a special session was discussed at the conference along with the need for childcare, housing amongst other things.
Langowski indicated that we have 2 projects in for earmarks with federal funding. The emergency management building, we have purchased a building, but the earmark could possibly also be used for rehabbing an existing building. The second project is united way’s request for childcare; the Ely project requested $500,000 for a project here in Ely.
Langowski indicated that they had a 3 hour conference call with the Federal EDA Funding for the trailhead with all the “to dos” to be able to get the $1.5 Million in EDA money.

Langowski gave an update on the Wastewater Treatment Facility Project, the project is progressing well.
Langowski gave an update on the Pattison Street Project – the storm sewer was completed last week starting the next steps are the road sub cutting and scheduling the curb contractor.
The Spaulding Project stated today with the sanitary sewer portion being installed, we are working with the homeowners in the area for road closures.
A.Forsman asked about the water and sewer line project at the school. Langowski stated that the water main project is almost complete and the sewer and storm sewer are near completion, once the storm sewer is completed then they can start on the parking lots and the circle/drop-off areas.

Fire Chief
Chief Marshall discussed the recent calls for the fire department. They had two joint trainings this last month with Morse and Babbitt. The Fire Relief had a very successful Blueberry Art Festival selling pork chops, corn and beer, they had 29 out of 32 members participate in the event. They are also planning a splash pad at the farmers market sometime this summer for the kids; they had to cancel tonight because of the weather.

Library Director
Library Director Heinrich discussed the current programing at the Library which can be found on the Library website.

Police Chief

City Attorney
Omerza/Callen moved to approve the Mortgage Satisfaction for Ely License Bureau recorded on July 23, 2009 as Document No. 01113915. Motion Carried Unanimously.

City Engineer

COMMUNICATIONS: Matter of Information
Northwoods Partners newsletter

A. (21-30) City and EUC claims for August 2, 2022 - $413,158.06
B. (31-35) Pay Estimate #4 for the Ely WWTF Improvements Project to Rice Lake Construction Group for $505,874.05
C. (36-37) Invoice #81559 to AE2S for the WWTF Improvements Project for $14,759.79
D. (38-40) Invoice #429555 for $748.00 and Invoice #428857 for $852.00 for the Prospector ATV Trail to SEH.
Omerza/Callen moved to approve the claims for payment items A-D. Motion Carried Unanimously.


Omerza/Debeltz moved to approve the 2022-2023 Liquor Licenses pending receipt of proper fees, insurance, and paperwork. Motion Carried Unanimously.


Callen/Debeltz moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:38pm. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Casey Velcheff
Deputy Clerk

Ely Echo August 20, 2022