The trout whisperer

I’m not anti-social, and I’m not overly social, but I edge that way along in life. The less crowds the better for me and so when I get asked to attend an event, my mind races for an excuse to excuse me out of it. Until just recently when the host in his closing statement sales pitch said, “And by the way, after the meeting, we’re buying you dinner.”
Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad sitting around talking about walleye fishing with a bunch of strangers if they’re gonna toss in some grub. So, I attended.
Two gentlemen tried very hard to make talking about walleyes pretty boring, I mean fish are wet, and these two guys pointing at charts were drier than popcorn. It was actually difficult to listen to them, but I did, because I knew dinner would be served.
Another man got up, turned on a big screen and started pointing at maps, showing different lakes, lake bottom contours and even had a walleye that was some how micro chipped. His research followed that one, better than four-pound walleye, swim around a lake for the past 12 months. It was pretty neat to see just how free roaming them fins can be.
Meeting adjourned, plates piled high with, and I still can’t believe it, walleye fillets, broasted potatoes, one of my faves, and it seemed like buckets of fresh coleslaw. A lemon dill sauce that once I tasted it, I wanted a 50-gallon drum of the stuff, it was exceptional. But it got even better when the servers brought out each person dining a separate plate of tempura fried walleye. I’m hoping, next year, I get invited back.