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Bear with ring story reaches London Times

Lead Summary

A story about a bear in the Ely area that had a garbage can lid on it has reached the London Times.
Ely Echo photographer Eric Sherman was contacted by the London Times after a story written by Erin Ailworth appeared in the Wall Street Journal.
Sherman provided photos of the bear and accompanied Ailworth into the woods to look for it.
By Sunday it was reported the bear had freed itself of the lid. The bear had been named “Ringo” by a group of people on Facebook and was seen frequently bird feeders on the east side of Ely.
Sherman said Thursday he was also contacted by Fox Business News on purchasing reprint rights for his photos.
Ailworth didn’t see the bear while she was in Ely, but she was welcomed to town on the theater marquee and helped to rescue a turtle that was crossing a paved road.
DNR wildlife manager Tom Rusch of Tower has warned that feeding bears, even inadvertently through bird feeders, is creating generation after generation of human tolerant bears.
“Some people think they are feeding squirrels and birds but they are feeding wildlife from raccoons to bears. These critters become tolerant of people and this bear has really showed us,” said Rusch.

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