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Believe it or not, winter’s going fast

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When the temperatures were still dropping to 30 degrees below zero last week, it was hard to believe. When you were out shovelling snow for the umpteenth time, it was hard to believe. But it’s true. Winter is going fast.
Our advice is simple: get out and enjoy it while you can. Ely, Minnesota is a winter wonderland. We offer unparalleled access to the great outdoors. Whatever you want to do, we can probably hook you up.
Snowmobiling is a great place to start. Ely sits at the crossroad of the Taconite and Tomahawk snowmobile trails. We can get you to the North Shore or halfway across the state. Plus there are numerous local routes with fantastic scenery and pleasurable riding. Our trails are groomed and ready to ride. Come on up.
Dog sledding is one of our specialties. We have experienced local operators who can put you on a sled with a team of dogs. You can cross lakes or zip through the woods with puppy power to go. Interested in winter camping? We’ve got that too along with some of the best winter ice fishing on remote lakes in the BWCA. Come on up.
Skiing and snowshoeing happen right here every day as well. Groomed local trails provide both traditional and skate skiing options with plenty of challenging routes. You can even ski the Trezona Trail right in the city limits, circling through Ely’s mining history with plaques describing historic sights along the way. Now we admit our downhill skiing isn’t really on par with Aspen, but if you’ve got snowshoes on, who wants to go down a black diamond slope anyway? Bring your cross country skis and come on up.
We have outdoor skating as well plus some dandy hills for sledding that will give you an exhilarating ride where golfers travel in the summer months.
And if you want to fish outside the BWCA, we’ve got plenty of lakes and rivers to choose from. While walleye and northern pike season ends today, you can still fish for trout through the end of March and we’re going to be heading into prime crappie fishing sooner than you think.
Ely has the trails, lakes and accommodations for a heckuva winter vacation. For those of us fortunate enough to live here, we know the worst is behind us and that winter is going fast. This is the best time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors while Mother Nature has us covered in a blanket of snow.
Come on up and enjoy all Ely has to offer in the winter.

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