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The benefits of shopping local, from city hall to local residents

Another Ely business is slated to close, one of the two dollar stores, to go along with the Ely Bowling Alley. Jobs are lost and the area suffers financially.
At city hall this past week the council was smart enough to shop local when buying a vehicle for the police department. Those dollars will help keep Mike Motors in Ely.
We only wish the council had that in mind when they decided to send money to Tower to have the city legals published. Those dollars are gone and this local newspaper suffers. With the loss of Shopko, it’s been a double whammy for a small business trying to make payroll and as an added bonus, the first half of property taxes this week.
Business owners know every time someone goes out of town for a product or even a medical procedure, those dollars go away and don’t come back. We’d like to see the law changed where cities and school districts have to hire local employees, but that’s another issue.
A recently retired business owner ended up in the emergency room at the Ely hospital and eventually had to go to the Mayo in Rochester. While there he was told the one test they wouldn’t have to do was a CT scan, since the one done in Ely was as good or better than could be done at the Mayo.
That’s a small victory for keeping health care local, but it’s a victory nonetheless. Every test, procedure or doctor visit that can be done in Ely is another boost to our local economy. Kudos to the hospital for investing in new equipment that makes our community a better place to live.
How can all of us help? By keeping our shopping dollars in Ely. Whether its groceries, gas or clothing, if we shop locally our children will have a better community in the future. If you run to Virginia or Duluth for those things, you’re not helping Ely.
These are tough times. Our class sizes are down and now the summer season approaches. We don’t have enough young people to serve the tourism industry.
We’re not sustainable but we can all help by shopping locally. Please do.

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