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Check out our new library, and say thanks to those responsible

The doors opened Wednesday at the new library and it was fitting that librarian Rachel Heinrich unlocked the doors. For it was her vision, perseverance and dedication that helped make the dream of a new library a reality.
Rachel will be the first one to tell you there are many people to thank. We had a city council with the fortitude to look past memories and make the right decision for the future. We had a library board and the members of the Friends of the Library who provided support both politically and financially. And there was a crew of volunteers that stepped up to make the move happen.
But all of those tangibles and intangibles came together to make this project happen thanks to Rachel. She’s not one to look for attention but we think she deserves our thanks for her efforts.
If you haven’t been to the library yet, please take the time to do so. You won’t believe how nice it is. The natural light fills the inside of the building, creating a warm feeling for patrons.
On the opening day there was an 18-month-old and a 1,216-month-old enjoying the library. Parker Cook, 18 months, was bouncing on and off his mom’s lap as she read books to him. Millie Blus, 1,216 months, was all smiles as she was able to walk into the library without climbing any steps. She was the first patron to enter the new Ely library.
For the past 17 years Rachel Heinrich has climbed the steps at the library, oftentimes with a tote full of books from the night drop box. She won’t miss those steps one bit.
Rachel also had to find a way to manage a public library that was divided by a hallway. The expansion across the hall had come about before she was hired but it was her logistical nightmare for the past 17 years.
We’re proud of our new library and proud of all those who made it possible. Even the move from the Community Center to the new building across from City Hall went off without a hitch. And it was Rachel who bought t-shirts for all the volunteers and brought them fresh baked goodies each day.
Here is a list of the volunteers who assisted in the move: Rick Anderson, Donald Bargen, James Brown, James Devine, David Grahek, Anne Grignon, Kim Haes-Dale, Steve Karklins, Jeff Kemmer, Rebecca Manlove, Jordyn Nyquist, Heidi Omerza, Lisa Pekuri, Roger Pekuri, James Pointer, Bondell Rae, John Rejman, Jan Rue, Gail Sheddy, Paul Spangler, Brian Bittner, Candy Geiger, Sarah Hansen, Nancy Hernesmaa, Bert Hyde, John Leonard, Sarah Malick-Wahls, Cheryl Martinetto, Patricia Miller, Ward Nelson, Ryan Nichols, Joe Owens, Doreen Packila, Carol Petersen, Brad Sagen,  Gordon Sheddy, Roger Skraba, Elton Brown, Karen Clingerman, Tom Clingerman, Tom Conaway, Lucy Diesslin, Carol Dowling, James Haugen, Steve Johnson, Peter Kess, Linda Lewis, Warren Nikkola, Consie Powell, Donna Rusco, Christopher Steele, Cade Thibodeaux, Leslie Thibodeaux, Arlene Today, Kathleen Anderson, Daina Antanaitis, Ellen Cashman, Barbara Cyriacks, Kevin Dowling, Heather Finnegan, Marilynn Klick, Robert Lammi, Cody Loucks, Keith Nelson, Seija Packila-Wavrin, Barbara Schultz, Lee Schumacher,  Nan Snyder, David Warner, Caleb Buck, Christian Deinhammer, Nicholas Harrington, Zach Haugen, James Jiede, Errick Kafura, Bryant Kristianson, Austin Linder, Mark Marxen, Walter McElderry, Matt Sampson, Justin Ulotho, Kendra Wickersham, Matthew Wing, Tara Boerst, Gloria Bowen, Joe Bowen, Sarah Guy-Levar, Erin Heep McKenzie, Pat Jordan, Barbara Kray, Mae “Tootsie” Loe, Beth Ohlhauser, Teresa Sagen,  Sara Skelton, Becky Zientek,   
On the back of the shirt each of these volunteers received was this saying, “The trick to moving a library is not to stop and read all your favorite books.”
For our hard-working librarian, we hope she takes a moment to sit back and read her favorite book - but she may have to lock the doors at the library to do it!

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