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Trout Whisperer - Little waves

How absolutely beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, these tiny little ripples, free from winter’s ice, and they ain’t got

End of the Road Recipes: Sugar Cookies

by Crystal Schlueter

Trout Whisperer - ...A small town, the biggest-best-place on earth

If you never lived in a small town, you wouldn’t know that everyone who did not only knew the police chief’s first na

Miscellaneous Musings by FunGirlDi ...Drugs – Drugs – DRUGS!!!

I’ve been waltzing around my house lately with a tune in my brain that I picked up from one of the many drug commerci

What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You…

by Diana Mavetz Petrich

Hook and Bullet Club - Ely Film Festival

We took in two films at the Ely Film Festival last week.

Trout Whisperer - Good, to the very last drop

We finished the bluegill fish fry just after 4 p.m.

Trout Whisperer - It’s not funny, but it’s funny

He had been there twice last week, great ice, and for ice fishing, he had some extra good luck.

End of the Road Recipes: Blonde Bombshell Chili

by Crystal Schlueter

Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

End of the Road Recipes: Palatschinken

by Crystal Schlueter

Oil, water and proud parent moments

by Tom Coombe

Echo editor

“NO! I’m water!”

Window into Yesterday - Up, Up, and Away!

by David Kess for the Ely-Winton Historical Society

Trout Whisperer - A lot of wait, in waiting

I have in my possession, four brand new muskrat two blade folding knives. Brand new in the box.

Message to the Community - Facility Project Updates

Dear Members of the Ely Community,

End of the Road Recipes: Buying potica a year-round option

by Crystal Schlueter

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