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Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

Rants from the Relic - Drifting from topic to topic

by Doug Luthanen

Trout Whisperer - Bigfoot updates from the boreal forest

Bigfoot updates from the boreal forest, December 2023, all members present.

Window into Yesterday - Ely’s Bowery District

by David Kess for the Ely-Winton Historical Society

Trout Whisperer - And another thing, when does mouse become mice??

There’s a Minnesota deer mouse, a white footed mouse and a meadow jumping mouse whose name I like the best, but the l

Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

And before you know it, the third weekend of deer season is upon us.

Trout Whisperer - Ladies bacon

Lunch for the two of us has been packed, twice.

Rants from the Relic - Let’s Stop Stopping Everything

Miss Merrill supervised 27 kids in afternoon kindergarten in 1954-55.  These were the “walkers”, kids who lived close

Trout Whisperer - But how do they taste...

I’m not sure what the bag limit on cattails is, its surely more than ducks, but the bow of this duck hunting rig is b

Trout Whisperer - Old man Wickman

As a kid his grandpa would load him up and off to the cabin they drove and didn’t stop till they were at the front do

Trout Whisperer - Big bait + Big Bobber = Big Fish

Only one time every year do I fish with balloons as bobbers and that’s in the fall.

Parents, savor those senior year moments and memories

by Tom Coombe

Echo editor

Rants from the Relic - Book It, Doug-O

by Doug Luthanen


Summer is reading season.


I’m Not Sick—Really!

by Dorothy Rosby

Trout Whisperer - Goodnight autumn

With no electricity at the cabin, the mornings come later and the evenings even quicker, and we like it.

Trout Whisperer - It all adds up

I stopped getting paid to take folks fishing 15 years ago. One day I was just kinda tired of it, so I ceased.

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