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Rants from the Relic The Stains of Toil: Matt M Luthanen (1912-1999)

In a letter to me over 50 years ago, my dad wrote “Not only does one leave behind the stains of toil, but also chills

Window into Yesterday - Josephine Reed and Dr. Robert Reed’s Indian Island Photos

From a lifelong interest in photography, Robert Reed became fascinated with his Native American neighbors on Indian I

State tourney magic back in Ely, with new heroes, memories

by Tom Coombe. Echo Editor
For a few magical weeks in 1987, Ely was undoubtedly a football town.

A Halloween revelation, and evolution

by Tom Coombe. Echo Editor
I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t a normal kid.

Trout Whisperer - The last one

I’m an hour later than I planned on driving up to a sprawling ranch style home.

Hook and Bullet Club

Being a night owl can be a curse and a blessing. It’s 12:41 a.m.

Trout Whisperer - Pilots…

In a week or less he won’t be here, ever again, from us, to my memories.

Putting the home into Homecoming

by Tom Coombe. Echo Editor

Old rivalry, new memories

by Tom Coombe
Echo editor

Rants from the Relic “Smiles to Go”

The first time I saw Hank Thunander, 50 years ago he was playing the “Echo Polka” from the stage at John’s Bar in Ely

The trout whisperer

I’m not anti-social, and I’m not overly social, but I edge that way along in life.

Minnesota State Fair still making memories

by Tom Coombe
Echo editor

Rants from the Relic - Pop and Popsicles

August has been a temperate month here this year - warm afternoons, cool evenings.

Fredericka (Freda) A Puzel Giler

Fredericka (Freda) A Puzel Giler, 71

Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

My wife and I have been to many concerts over the years but we’ve never taken in a Christian rock concert.

Update from Ely Public Schools Superintendent Erik Erie

A great deal of progress has been made on the 21st Century Learning Facilities Project.

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