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The heat will likely stay on for August along with dry conditions

Back in the day, I did pretty well in the science classes offered by Ely teachers like Miss McLeod, Miss Tornquist, M

From the miscellaneous drawer

Feeling guilty.
After 60 years of working, with only a few detours or escapes, I’m now retired.

From the miscellaneous drawer

Among the reminders of friends is a wood plaque on my wall. It says: “Old friends take a long time to create.”

Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

Our home is a bit quieter tonight. For the first time in 15 years there isn’t a Yorkie living here.

From the miscellaneous drawer

Have you ever traveled and not known in advance where you were going to eat or sleep that night?

Hook and Bullet Club

We spent a good part of last weekend in Babbitt for Peter Mitchell days and there’s one thing that kept coming back t

Miscellaneous Musings by FunGirlDi

In recent years, home decorating has adopted a new habit that I personally don’t much care for.

From the miscellaneous drawer

As a house is being dissected and disemboweled, one finds many unmarked treasures. Where did they come from?

June may try to be warm but dry

The best paying job I ever had was janitor at the Voyageurs Visitor Center from May to September 1984.

From the miscellaneous drawer

If you are over 60 years of age you may be faced with what to do with mementos from your past.

Hook and Bullet Club

We’ve lived in our house on Boundary Street for nearly 30 years.

Trout Whisperer - One lump, or two

Where is he? He is in the garage, he’s working on the boat. Something wrong with it.

Dry spell took a detour in April but might come back in May

Somewhere, legendary shop teachers Bud Adamic and Steve Smrekar Senior must be shedding a tear.

Hook and Bullet Club

Saturday we joined a group of ATVers on a ride up the Echo Trail.

From the miscellaneous drawer

To a pre-teen girl, there were challenges everywhere.

Hook and Bullet Club - Earl the Pearl

The local music world is going to miss Earl Bulinski, who passed away suddenly on April 3, 2021.

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