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From the miscellaneous drawer

I was in the office one morning recently, picking up my mail and adding some old photos of Ely’s olden days to the Ec

From the miscellaneous drawer

I’m a collector of old telephone books and I recently set out to see what secrets the 1979 phone book held.

From the miscellaneous drawer

Longtime readers of the Ely Echo know that I’m a fan of Anu Garg (words at

The Spirit of Thanksgiving…

Waking up on Thanksgiving morning when I was a kid was the best.

Hook and Bullet Club

This year at Camp Cholesterol there are four hunters hanging their orange hats on the wall. My three kids and me.

Update from Ely Public Schools Superintendent Erik Erie

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our school community in many ways that have been difficult for students, parents,

A message from the American Legion for Veterans Day

Seven decades ago, in 1950, brave Americans defended a far-off land that was under attack.

Sew Many Halloween Memories…

Dress up, walk around as somebody else and get free candy?

Franklin Lawrence Kuhar

Franklin Lawrence Kuhar
November 24, 1956 – October 6, 2020

From the miscellaneous drawer by Anne Swenson

Saturday started with small snow drops pelting the trees. It hardly covered any part of the driveway and woods.

From the miscellaneous drawer

You wake up to the sun streaming through the woods and the golden leaves of a deciduous tree brightens the scene.

SHORE LUNCH “A Tale of Two Campsites”

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Update from Ely Public Schools Superintendent Erik Erie

Our Ely Safe Learning Plan Advisory Council is meeting weekly to examine the latest COVID-19 data from St.

From the miscellaneous drawer by Anne Swenson

The roads, most of them two lane, were bumpy and at times treacherous.

Thoughts of, and with, Carefree

by Tom Coombe
Echo editor

Hook and Bullet Club - The Saxeruds

We’re looking for a little normal right now.

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