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Baby boomer echoes

Any TV watcher knows about commercials.

From the miscellaneous drawer

To dispel rumors which sometimes circulate, reaching incredulous friends, I want to tell you that reports of my retir

Rangers celebrate Polka Priest's music

Here's a senior boomer if you ever saw one!

Baby boomer echoes - Creative play

CREATIVE PLAY There’s something about school on summer break and the longer and warmer days of the season that remind

Losing a friend

I have lost another good friend in Marie Garni.

Irene Grahek asks: Did you know?

Did you know?

Baby boomer echoes

It’s that time of year… spring storms and more stuff coming through the summer months.

Memorial Day is special for 5,796 of us

Memorial Day is special for 5,796 of us.This is aimed at young people. The ones who are age 17 to 25.

Jo Hardy - A passion for bowling

It would be hard to find a woman anywhere in the world with a greater passion for bowling - and the people to whom bo

Baby boomer echoes

Hey! Prom time is right around the corner.Boomers remember that as one of the major events of the year.

Baby boomer echoes

Who invented the wheel? A Boomer kid might have said the caveman did. At least our cartoons told us that story.

Bush pilots: Tragedy & Rescue at Cherry Lake

I recently read an article in a publication that referred to a rescue at Cherry Lake, For whatever reason, the articl

From the miscellaneous drawer

I’m lucky. I work at a job that I love with some of the nicest, brightest people I know.

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