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Conservation Officer’s report

Conservation Officer’s reportConservation Officer Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) handled a roadkilled moose. He also investigated a dog being killed by a wild animal. Coincidentally there was a cougar seen by a deputy sheriff in the same area. Anglers were checked on Lake Superior. Hunters are starting to scout for moose and a couple of groups of moose hunters were found to be scouting in different zones from where they are to be hunting. Please check the maps of your zones. CO Fagerman assisted Customs and Border Protection who called when they found three Illinois residents to be 25 walleyes over the limit. After posting $2,340 in fines, the three were released to continue their trip back to Illinois without any fish. CO Fagerman also worked with CO Brad Johnson on the waterfowl opener. Enforcement action was taken for three chinook salmon over the limit, attempting to take salmon with a dip net, shooting protected birds (grebes), loaded/uncased shotgun in a motorboat, possess toxic shot, no patch of skin on dressed fish, reduce game fish to more than two fillets, ATV on roadway, and fail to display ATV registration. CO Brad Johnson (Silver Bay) and CO Fagerman worked the waterfowl opener on Four Mile Lake. Unfortunately, an all too common error was committed by a couple of hunters. Two hunters took a total of four grebes (fully protected species). The hunters were not able to correctly identify what they were shooting. The offending hunters were cited. Other hunters were cited for possession of lead (toxic) shot. CO Johnson responded to a vehicle that hit a moose on the Drummond Grade. He also checked some wild ricers this past weekend. The fall colors are in full bloom along the North Shore and the leaf lookers were out in force.CO Mike Lekatz (Ely) worked checks on small game hunters throughout the week, very low number of hunters out in the area. Those checked reported not having many opportunities to take any grouse due to the fact they never saw any. He also worked checks on waterfowl hunters over opening weekend. Weather in the area was perfect for a change, except the blue skies hampered duck hunting, resulting in very poor luck. Encountered several moose hunting parties out scouting and passed along information on hunting possibilities and checked some groups out wild ricing.CO John Velsvaag (Ely) wrapped up a bear baiting complaint this past week. He also checked local waterfowl hunters, seeing overall low numbers of birds harvested. Grouse hunters faired worse yet, with overall law compliance good. CO Velsvaag also received assistance with an injured bird from an retired Lake County Deputy. Enforcement action was taken for angling with extra lines, illegal ATV operation, fail to display ATV registration, small amount of litter, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a small amount of marijuana, no license in possession.

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