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Conservation officers report

Kipp Duncan (Two Harbors) worked snowmobile enforcement and fishing enforcement along the North Shore. Shore fishing on Lake Superior near tributaries was very busy over the weekend. Snowmobile activity continues to be very busy. Three separate serious snowmobile accidents occurred in Lake County, which resulted in one death, one serious head injury, and one severely broken leg. Please remember to drive within your ability, and always be in control of your snowmobile. Slow down! CO Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) worked snowmobile trail enforcement for most of the week. He picked up a kestrel and took it to a rehabilitator. Winter sports enthusiasts are enjoying their sports in full force in Cook County. Snow conditions are still good for snowmobile and ski trails. The local snowmobile club had their annual trout derby on Gunflint Lake. The weather was great and everyone seemed to have had a great time. Some nice lake trout came in for the contest. He also encountered a domestic dispute between a man and woman along the snowmobile trail. Cooler heads prevailed and they went on their way. Enforcement action was taken for allow illegal juvenile operation of a snowmobile, juveniles without helmets, failing to stop at a road crossing, fail to display registration on a snowmobile and snowmobile speed.CO Marty Stage (Babbitt) worked on snowmobile and trout fishermen enforcement. Officer dealt with owl, muskrat, and dog chasing deer complaints. Officer attended a district meeting and worked on outstanding trapping case. A local resident called and notified the officer that wolves near their home between Ely and Babbitt had killed her 10-year-old French Brittany. She said her neighbors feed the deer, which causes the deer to hang around and consequently keeps the wolves around as well. Pet owners should use caution and be aware that feeding deer will cause predators to stay in the area, sometimes with tragic results. CO John Velsvaag (Ely) checked complaints of fish house litter on several area lakes. He also checked trout fishermen and observed poor success. Crappie fishermen are picking up some smaller fish but the bite hasn't picked up yet. CO Velsvaag also took several complaints on the ELS system not selling trapping licenses due to a computer problem. He attended a district meeting and assisted another officer with an ongoing investigation of someone shooting great gray owls. People are reminded that the new license year has started.CO Mike Lekatz (Ely) worked checks on fishing activity on area trout lakes and on crappie fishing activity. He worked checks on area lakes and trails for snowmobile activity. He also checked fish houses on area lakes prior to removal date, attended a District meeting, and took some complaints on dogs chasing deer. It is the time of the year to insure your dog isn’t running loose.CO Brad Johnson (Silver Bay) checked a few late season trout anglers. Trout fishing activity has tapered off during the late season. Snowmobiles are still out in good numbers around Silver Bay and Finland. He attended a district meeting in Ely, and was off on vacation for a portion of the week.

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