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Dewitt book to be featured at authors conference

Dawn Dewitt has been invited to take part in a book signing of her book ‘Search for Blue Bears’ at the “Festival of Authors 2004.” It will be held on Saturday, April 17 as part of the 16th Annual Spotlight On Books conference. Spotlight On Books will be held at Ruttger’s Sugar Lake Lodge in Grand Rapids. Kate DiCamillo, Linda Glaser and Rick Chrustowski are the other featured authors who will give formal presentations on Saturday. Dawn’s book was inspired by a true life event that happened when she and her two grandsons Jordan and Jacob, their mother Heather and son-in-law Louie Champa watched a bear munching an apple under a tree. At the time Jordan was four sitting on his daddy’s shoulders and Jacob was in the stroller. The story goes on to where they ... “followed a bear from apple tree to apple tree through several yards with a police car leading.” The story is told in the language of an eight year old boy who heard the grandmother asking his father where she could find the ‘blueberries.’ The little boy thought she said ‘blue bears’ and that’s why he searched for blue bears all summer. It’s the kind of story that children and grandparents love to tell and retell. Jordan and Jacob said, “The real life thing was really fun and we are happy to be in the book. It has been fun for the family.” Jordan is now 12, Jacob is nine and they enjoy going to book signings with grandma Dawn. They tell the people, “We are the main characters in the book and that’s our grandma over there and she wrote it.”

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