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Dock removal slated for state public water accesses

Late fall can be a great time to fish in Minnesota and you may even have your favorite fishing spot to yourself. It’s also a time for seasonal dock removal at many public water accesses.
Seasonal dock removal at DNR-managed public water accesses generally begins after the third weekend of October and is usually completed by early November. Late season anglers may want to bring along a pair of hip boots or waders to stay dry when launching their boats, if the dock at their access point has been removed for winter.
“We do try to leave some of the more frequently used docks in place as long as we can, but we also need to manage that work across a large geographic area, and get it all done before the water begins to freeze,” said Ward Wallin, DNR Parks and Trails Two Harbors area assistant supervisor.
More information and public water access maps are available on the DNR’s website at ; Contact the nearest DNR Parks and Trails area office to check current conditions for specific accesses.

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