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EDITORIAL: Movie being filmed here will be a shoulder season financial boost

Elsewhere in this week’s edition, you can read about one heck of a unique happening in Ely.

Later this spring, the calls of “lights, camera, action!” will come to life as a movie will be filmed and produced, right here in town.

Actors and actresses, directors and producers, stage crews and more will arrive in Ely, and spend weeks here, to put this project together.

Aside from it just being a neat thing in Ely, there are many tangible and intangible benefits as well.

Let’s start with the obvious.

Movie officials say their project has a budget of $1.8 million. Much of that will be spent here.

Those arriving will need places to stay, places to eat and pick up other needed goods while they are here.

Hardware stores, lumber yards, convenience stores, retail outlets and of course lodging and dining establishments are sure to benefit. And likely there will be others.

This comes at an absolute grand slam time of the year.

Our streets and sidewalks are largely empty in April and even into early-May, so this project will help fill cash registers when our businesses need it the most - the offseason of offseasons.

Meanwhile, the project stands to help a number of Elyites make a few bucks.

The producers say they will hire up to 50 area residents to complete various tasks for the project.

They’ll need drivers, accountants, extras, grips and more, along with catering services.

Now these aren’t full-time, long-term jobs but they are jobs nonetheless and can provide extra money for retirees, students, those looking for more part-time work and provide a bridge to those waiting for summer employment.

Add it all up and this is a big victory for Ely.

And who knows, perhaps it can lead to further movie production in the area.

State officials recognize the benefits of these projects and have extended financial carrots to producers looking to bring their movies to new locations.

We look forward to the day that the upcoming movie will be shown right here in town at Ely’s Historic State Theater.

We’ll look for a few neighbors and be thankful that the project provided a spring shot in the arm to Ely.

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