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Editorial: Seventh annual Stone Stash is a fun event

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Coming up Friday morning you may see folks looking for painted rocks in Ely. No worries, it’s the seventh annual Stone Stash, a free event where you could pocket original artwork by local artist Joe Baltich.
Free to enter and fun to do, the Stone Stash will have 125 painted rocks that Baltich spent over 160 hours painting. There’s even a golden moose rock to be found. Whoever finds that one can bring it out to Baltich’s studio up the Fernberg and pick out a print to bring home.
What a nice, fun and family friendly event Baltich has established. He’s been working on expanding the painting abilities of interested folks through his non-profit “Into the Brush.” is a non-profit for art education and improving tourism into Ely. “I’m trying to get people to come here, take art lessons and spend time looking at things artistically and study it,” said Baltich.
The Stone Stash was started to encourage people to paint and improve their painting skills. “I want people to put a little more effort in painting so when you find a rock it’s a treasure.”
Baltich joked lugging around 125 rocks can be a heavy lift and that he should have used pieces of aluminum instead.
The rocks will be available to be found in two locations in Ely Friday morning. On Facebook under Into the Brush the locations will be revealed. For the lucky person who finds a golden moose rock, a free Baltich print will be the additional prize.
There is a one rock limit per person with “catch and release on all the rest.” There is no cost to participate. “I’m hoping this helps build art interest in Ely.”
Great job Joe, thanks for making Ely a better place to live and paint!

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