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Editorial: Wolf debate filled with emotion but lack of management not a solution

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With the massive drop in the deer harvest in northeast Minnesota, there was bound to be some upset hunters. And with people having their pets attacked by wolves in their back yards, the chorus of those calling for the state to do something is getting loud.

But the debate is too often framed by emotion. Those who love wolves and don’t want to see them harmed in any way and those who want to see them managed in some way shape or form.

We can debate those points and that will likely happen. What is not happening is the State of Minnesota stepping up to say once the legal challenges are exhausted, we will manage wolves like we managed any other wild animal.

But to continue to do nothing is not a solution. We believe, based on statements and non-actions, that the DNR has its hands tied by the governor’s office including the lieutenant governor. This is not based in science, it is worse than emotion, it is political.

Let the biologists do their jobs and manage wolves to appropriate populations.

This goes for the courts as well. Management of a wild animal should not be decided by a judge out in Washington D.C. There needs to be a recognition that states can and will manage wolves efficiently.

For those who can’t stand the thought of a wolf being removed from the woods, there is no reasoning, there is no science and there is no hope for common sense. Again, managing a wild animal on emotion won’t work, hasn’t worked and can’t work.

We have had meetings here in Ely in the past when the wolf population has gone unchecked and people are left with a head or a tail of their dog. Now there is a meeting slated for Dec. 7 in Aurora. Just wondering if they scheduled it on D-Day for a reason...

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