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Ely First Lutheran Quilters have been going strong since starting back in 1970

Peg Rosett, Cheryl Jandrey, Shirley Britton, Lana Hietala, Elaine Harleben, Donna Esterberg, Elaine Perks, Carol Carlson.

by Peg Rosett

A group of ladies started quilting at the Ely First Lutheran Church on Jan 8, 1970.

Before that date they had asked for coats to cut in pieces for making the quilts. They were sewing them on treddle sewing machines!

These ladies who started the quilting group and those who have followed: Lulu Helback, Vivian Maki, Selma Carlson, Hilda Johnson, Mrs. Schmiege, Lillian Lepisto, Lempi Maki, Olga Seliskar, Ida Dietrich, Helen Jauhola, Diane Harris, Mildred Wirta, Mrs. Hartleben, Sadie Jokela, Grace Deiterich, Ina Muhvich, Myrle Hautala, Dorothy Ojala, Ruth Saari, Pat Wick, Doris Mae Paul, Grace Maijala, Margaret Dass, Mary Koivisto, Millie Howe, Fran Church, Bonny Barich, Enola Loomis, and Helen Koski.

The current quilters are Carol Carlson who is 93 years old, she quilted with many of those mentioned above including Donna Esterberg, Elaine Perko, Elaine Hartleben, Peggy Rosett, Lana Hietala, Cheryl Jandrey and Shirley Britton.

We have sewed 70 quilts this year, these quilts will be placed in Ely, Silver Bay Veterans Home, Orphan Grain Train, Virginia and Hibbing. We have some for our graduates and those who are in need of quilts etc. There are quilts for sale also, they make great gifts for Christmas and weddings.

Sewing is a large part of quilting; but there are so many other jobs to do, so if you would like to join our group please call Peggy Rosett at 218-365-5590.

We start quilting some time in October and go into May. The hours we are at the church are 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. You may come for any time you have to spare. We have a coffee break at 10 a.m. and we pick up a noon lunch for everyone.

“For all the volunteers who knit, quilt, crochet, sew, pray; know you are bringing hope and comfort in Jesus Christ to individuals who are sick, weak, cold, abandoned and abused.” (This was taken from a devotional.)

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