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Ely schools closing this morning due to sewer issue

Ely Utilities workers were checking out the sewer connections to the school buildings on Friday morning. Photo by Parker Loew.

10/13/2023 Follow Up -

Broken Sewer Line

Dear Ely School District Families, Thank you, Families! Thank you for your patience and support with the emergency closing of the Ely Schools today! Thank you for working with us and being patient with picking your child(ren) up from school. It was a unique situation with all the elementary students being in the auditorium for a performance. The sewer line break happened in the Memorial Building, so the Washington students were safe and away from the sewer gas in the auditorium until the buses and parents could pick up. An old cast iron fitting broke on a sewer line in the NW corner of the crawl space of the Ely Memorial School Building. The noticeable sewer gas smell along with the sewage leakage in the building's crawl space was the cause for the emergency school closing. The sewer gas was becoming more and more disruptive to learning. Plumbers are on site fixing the break. At this time we are confident that the pipe will be fixed by the end of the day. School phone numbers High School 365-6166 ext. 3 Elementary School 365-6166 ext. 4

Anne M. Oelke

Ely School Superintendent



Dear Ely School District Families,

We have a broken sewer line on campus and we are not able to get it under control. The school will be closing.

Buses will be on campus at 10:30 a.m. to bring students home. High School students who drive or can walk will be dismissed ASAP. Elementary students are safe in the auditorium. Students riding the bus will be dismissed at 10:30 am. Lunch will not be served.

Parent pick-up must be at 10:30 a.m. The school will close shortly after 10:30 am.

School phone numbers

High School 365-6166 ext. 3

Elementary School 365-6166 ext. 4

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